Sokratis Votskos & Anna Deligianni - Storm before the calm before the storm before the...

October 29, 2020

A sound mountain, vibrating by natural phenomena and sound colour storms, dynamic tops and peaceful valleys. Its cavities hide and unfold mysteries, the eigenfrequencies of which, are presented to us during the ''storm before the calm before the storm before the...''

October 30, 2020


Limited edition cassette & Poster with the artwork of the cover.

Sound transportation / Transfer International LP/Compilation

September 25, 2020

This project is about contemporary improvisatory and electronic music. Furthermore, it concerns the multiple ways that the creative works can be spread throughout the world, with the use of today's digital means of communication. Moreover it is an endeavour concerning the innovative results of teamwork and diversity.
We have invited six musical projects of artists who inhabit in North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany and six musical projects of artists who inhabit in Thessaloniki, Greece (the latter being members of our “To Pikap The Scene – Music in Thessaloniki” platform) to participate in our program. We have aided both parties to get in contact and open a channel of communication in order to work together online through exchanging material and ideas. This procedure has led to the creation of six new team projects.
These projects were presented at “To Pikap”, through interviews and live performances that took place in our radio station studio. They were streamed online and now are part of our “Mini Radio Concerts” videos series as well.
The performances were recorded live and this compilation is the outcome of this recordings.


Limited edition LP

Kapten - Polarity EP

May 26, 2020

We are excited to announce that the first complete work of Kapten, aka P. Kapetanakis, is released with the support of To Pikap Records, on cassette and on all digital platforms.
Polarity EP captures trumpet player, composer and orchestrator Kapten, in a point of departure on his new, yet mature, musical journey.
During his studies in Netherlands and his nearly two-decade path as a musical performer, Kapten has been influenced by various artists and sounds, managing to blend diverse elements into a contemporary and organic piece of work.
In Polarity we see a fusion of soul, trip hop, dub and afro sounds, that create a feeling of a film-noir soundtrack, while the spirit of jazz master Miles Davis is floating around the whole creation.
This conceptual, luscious and finely balanced artwork, shows that the future looks promising for this upcoming artist. We need more of Kapten's musical universe and we greatly hope to be a part of it.


30 copies Limited edition cassette

Alien Mustangs - Shadows

January 30, 2020

It has been 7 years since Alien Mustangs’s debut 7”, though it seems like time stands almost still into their hypnic (sic) universe. Lazy slides, recurring bass lines and stoned tempos are dressing the scenery of their new 12” single with the anticipated levels of fuzz. A perfect prescription indeed.


200 copies 12'' EP

Totsouko - Olga Xefteri

December 20, 2019

Totsouko returns with a new full-length work following the 10'' EP of 2014 "Als Das Kind Kind War", which also marked the start of the record label "To Pikap Records".
Time is morally indifferent to each and every one of us. It shapes us silently and at times carves deep and indelible marks on us. In response to this process, artists, consciously or unconsciously, sculpt works, create autonomous areas, steal pieces of time for themselves, and then offer them generously to all of us.
The new 10 '' EP, "Totsouko - Olga Xefteri", the latest release of "To Pikap Records", is a tender, lyrical and sincere work. Listening to it introduces us to the creator's inner world by telling a continuous and homogeneous story.

The creator uses warm, dull and clear sounds at the same time. It draws on the experiences of the leftfield electronica of the last 30 years (instrumental hip hop, trip hop, analogue, acid, dub, ninja tune, boards of canada), but does not add anything unnecessary, beyond the essential, to the benefit of the spectacular. It is not music made for the sake of music, but the expression of a person's mental and emotional world through sound.


200 COPIES 10'' EP

Floros Floridis- F.L.O.R.O IV -Future Learning Of Radical Options

October 30, 2019

Floros Floridis made his first record release in 1979 with the radical work “Improvising at Barakou's'' in collaboration with Sakis Papadimitriou. This record is the first release of improvisational music in Greece. Since then Mr Floridis proves with his works a continuous vitality and creativity, being always contemporary and innovative. These are the exact characteristics of his latest work “F.L.O.R.O. IV Future Learning Of Radical Options”, which we have the honor to release on vinyl record through our label “To Pikap Records”.

This is a dense, multilayered work which develops in extensive depths. Electronic music and natural wind instruments are combined in order to transform into sound, the philosophy and the vast experience of the artist.

This work could be described as modern, traditional, futuristic music, which stays at the same time, always open to all that exists between and beyond these definitions.


300 COPIES 12'' LP

Sounds of Olympou Street

Sounds of Olympou Street is a compilation of some of the finest, contemporary, electronic & electroacoustic music, created in Thessaloniki.

This is a release concerning Thessaloniki's Music Scene. More specifically it's about “To Pikap's” own sound, since all of the artists participating in it are also resident DJs and contribute in various other ways at “To Pikap's” space.

The first three tracks of the record, by Mononome & Oldman Talkin', Totsouko and Tengu Ni Naru, maintain a trip-hop mood, while side A concludes with the mind-elevating electronica of Mr. Raj Pannu. On the flip side Rete contribute an electroacoustic composition, while Tsekouri Prioni Katsavidi follow, with one of the trios' live jam recordings. The record gets completed with the ambient soundscape of AΣ Emdy mixing bass clarinet and electronics.

300 copies 12''LP


Release Date 21 Apr 2019

Territorial Pissings

An electronic music compilation.

A collaboration With DINARA Recordings 300 copies 12''LP


Sofia-Chryssanthi Touboura - (i died so many times that I became) IMMORTAL


Titicut Follies - If a man builts one thousand bridges...

A collection of live studio recordings from one of the best kept secrets of Thessaloniki's underground scene.

Limited edition of 50 copies cassette release.


Sakis Papadimitriou - Piano Voices

Piano Voices is the new album by Sakis Papadimitriou.

Greek pianist, composer and legendary figure in Greek and European avant-garde/free jazz scene.

LP - PKP002

Magam - One

A co-production with Thirsty Leaves Music.

MAGAM is George Avramidis (trumpet), moody alien (various instruments, sounds, treatments, etc) + guests.
Their focus is on -various forms of- improvisation and experimentation plus, well, chance...

Totsouko - als das Kind Kind war

Mini album of sample-based electronica.

10'' - PKP001

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Pera Sta Ori - Throwdowns

To Pikap Records' new release comes from underground producer Pera Sta Ori, aka George Kontogiannidis who in the past years has put out a great number of cuts on WITHHOLD, Bronktoys, Furthur Electronix, Yellow Machines, MUSAR and more.

Both tracks on Throwdowns invoke the sweaty atmosphere and rave-on vibes of a warehouse party by combining all elements of a dancefloor banger. Deranged drums, swirling basslines, dark and melodic synths, chopped vocal samples - all finely sculpted and put together to a quirky sound experience. Let's go crazy!

released July 30, 2021

PKP701 extra limited 7'' Lathe Cut


Lovebug - Doom metropolis

Doom Metropolis are songs about Internet, recorded live as one-takes during winter 2019

This long overdue EP by Lovebug is the unexpected outcome of randomness and experimentation in digital music production. Aleatoric and accidental mishaps of fate, these 4 tracks are presented to us as a "case-study", setting emotional boundaries through unique and uneven listening. 'A sensorial journey through the extremes of IDM and braindance' is only one way to describe the listening experience of 'Doom Metropolis'.
Artistry + Risk + Temperament + Brilliance

Released June 17, 2021

Digital Download


Blossom Ona - Envision

Blossom Ona debuts for To Pikap Records with his second completed work since he started recording music in 2018. Sample-based audio arrangements, blended with heterogeneous references of musical styles resulted to the creation of 9 individual tracks. Αll surrounded by the reflective vibe of electronic hip hop, lo-fi beat making and hazy synth intonation. Rolling percussion and dreamy patterns unfold towards a warm, comfortable space of forceful rhythms and melodies that is "Envision".
All tracks recorded and produced by Blossom Ona during autumn of 2020

Released April 9, 2021

Digital Download

Mr C cover.jpg

Mr. C - Brian Emo

The sixth release by the notorious Mr. C is entitled "Brian Emo". Five tracks carrying the quarantine vibe, a combination of disease and hope during a period of psychological illness. With the acceptance of existence and the extended use of machines and modulars, Mr. Clarinet moves towards a more sophisticated environment where his storytelling holds the true aspects of his mess of a life.

All tracks recorded live at Anywhere Studios by Mr. Clarinet in November 2020, using analog and digital hardware.

Drawing by Lampros Asimakis
Artwork by To Pikap
February 18, 2021
Digital Download


Ehohroma - Relief

For the second instalment of To Pikap Records' digital releases, Ehohroma delivers a concise 4-track bundle of his most personal work so far. The ambience of the mountains and foggy woods of his rural living surroundings, inspired "Relief" with its main ingredients. A cold and humid - yet familiar - atmosphere, techno aesthetics, repetitive earthy drones, spirituality, field recordings and grounded bass rhythms. All blended in equal parts leading to a hypnotising, growing tension that feels almost as alive as a breathing organism

All tracks written and mixed by Ehohroma during the period of August to November 2020

Drawing by Lampros Asimakis
Artwork by To Pikap

January 15, 2021

Digital Download


Foukodian Rhythms - Foukodian Rhythms

Foukodian Rhythms' complete set of tracks, sees the light after years in the making - as to Pikap Records' first of a series of digital releases.

Foukodian Rhythms - aka Oldman Talkin' - is once again doing what he knows best: embracing electrical waves with elements of dub and techno, escalating broken rhythms, atmospheric beats, future-retro percussive structures in his most precise-but-not-polished mixing techniques. Loose connections of a unique and personal idiom are blended through intelligent programming of the machines. Taking us into infinite detours between styles and variations, this is a true master of its sound.


December 21, 2020

Digital Download