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Βασίλης Πούλιος – Vasilis Poulios

Illusions of space and inner psychographic portraits are the artist’s main themes. Family scenes of joy and venture appear to take over the surface of his detailed and masterfully executed drawings, without concealing an inherent sense of unrest and anxiety beneath the surface. (Text from the Album of the Seventh Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2017)

Vasilis Poulios was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


Untitled, 2015, Charcoal, pastel on paper, 90×130 cm.


Untitled, 2016, Charcoal on paper, 135×135 cm.


Untitled, 2014, Charcoal, pencil on paper, 57×36 cm.


Untitled, 2007, Charcoal on paper, 265×475 cm.


”The river”, 2017, Charcoal, pastel, pencil on paper, 90×135 cm.

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